Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pizza just ain't the same

If I had to choose between sweet and savory I would choose the the latter every time. I knew that coming to Japan would drastically change my eating habits and what was available to me but it hasn't been that bad. I miss roasts to a degree that hurts and I am definitely iron deficient from the lack of red meat but there's fantastic miso soup, yummy sushi, delicious eel and a whole host of other weird but taste tingling variations on western food.

But pizza isn't the same.

It isn't even in the same universe.

I didn't eat that much pizza to begin with back home but the foods that I am yearning for are the ones I ate infrequently - roasts, steak, pizza, etc

They have pizza here but it's just not the same. It's good but not the same.

Here for instance is the margarita pizza that I ate at the soccer stadium. It was the best piece of pizza I've had since I got here and it really doesn't look like much at all.

This is the weirdest pizza I've had since coming to Japan - the salad pizza. And believe me when I say it was really, really good.
Bring it on NYC...hit me with your caloric, cheesy best!

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IS76 said...

Oh what a treat you get to have pizza in NY. Pizza is one of the things I miss the most since moving out to California. There's good pizza in California but it's not the same as the ones in NY. I love Grimaldi's, Totonno's and Patsy's. Not sure if any of these places sell it by the slice but if you do visit these places (and end up consuming copious quantities of whole pizza pies) it'll probably make for a funny story that's good for cocktail parties (or blog entries).

Are you still looking for places to stay? Check out this article:
It's mostly about Europe but the sites mentioned in the article have a lot of NYC listings.

Can't wait to hear your stories.