Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family Dolls

We've been learning about the family this week. So I thought we would make family dolls and bring in family photos to make connections between the words (mum, dad, sister, brother, baby, family) and their meaning.

It ended up being a considerable amount of prep. Three years olds have problems cutting paper so cutting out clothing in felt was impossible. So guess what I did for a couple of nights last week?I could totally outfit Thumbellina now though!
I had a department store of looks and options. It's all about the separates! I used paper doll templates from the internet and then scaled them down. I then made a cardboard template and traced the outline onto felt. It was a busy few days. Especially as I needed enough for sixteen families, many with five members.
They did such a good job with the glueing and the fussiness of it. Attaching the felt head and clothing to the paired chopsticks was easy for them but the hair was the real challenge.
But they managed well.
Before the dolls had a chance to get their faces on. This was on day one when they had mostly completed their mum and dad dolls. I love looking at the different methods the kids used with attaching the wool for the hair.
My prototype that the kids saw at the beginning of the journey. They didn't believe it was Adele Sensei and to be honest, I don't either :)
And at the end of a very long week!