Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kissing Turds

Today I went to the aquarium as part of my school's excursion program. It was an interesting experience as I was told to schmooze. You know, circulate and chat everyone (parent) up...which isn't my style at all. I can't even chat boys up that I think are cute and there's a lot less motivation in sweet talking parents.It was a pretty magical day though. The kids were mesmerised by all the awesome fish and other sea creatures. That being said, my flash couldn't really adequately photograph them. Everything ended up looking slightly psychedelic.
This is an oarfish...named so for pretty obvious reasons. I think it looks like the fish cousin of Falcor from The Neverending Story but more scary. Am I right, or am I right-er?

As a previous post of mine states, I am not a fish person. I am not a spider person, snake person or rat person (apparently not a camera person either according to the picture above).

And yet I found myself reaching into the kiddie pool and picking up this sea sponge. It felt like a balloon full of that silly gooey stuff you throw at walls. It really wasn't all that pleasant. I got to hold the starfish too but they felt like plastic. It also horrified me that the kids were using them as building blocks, grabbing them and putting them on top of one another.

So why I felt the need to pose kissing this ugly, turd looking thing is beyond me. Thankfully I didn't actually kiss it. This is about as close as I got. If I had of smooched it, I imagined it would have closely resembled my slobbery and somewhat slimy first kiss.

At least in this scenario I didn't go through with it.


Anonymous said...

Love the Flacor fish =) Oh, and you also don't like lizards....

brizmus said...

YAY! The Neverending Story!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!! :-) It totally does look like a fish cousin of Falcor.
I unfortunately can't see the picture of you kissing the turd.

Anonymous said...

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