Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Even More Kyoto

The Philosopher's Walk
The Kyoto Station, while it is pretty it is also pretty darned chilly.
My Shinkansen arriving to whisk me home to Shizuoka.
The most beautiful tree (have you seen one with more character?) at the Imperial Park.
The entrance of Nijo Castle.
The outer wall and moat of Nijo Castle.
Inside Kenninjo Temple.
The outside of Kenninjo Temple which is of the Zen persuasion. It is also my favourite temple of all the ones I saw over the week. I wanted to move into the monk's quarters.

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brizmus said...

Oh, I can't wait to go to Kyoto! It looks amazing there!
I passed by your town on the way to my new home, Okazaki, the "small" town of 330,000 people. We're super close! :-P