Monday, April 5, 2010

More Kyoto -

Some more happy snaps from my Kyoto trip...which coincidentally coincided with cherry blossom blooming time.
The famous Ryoanji Temple...and it's Zen rock garden.
The Golden Pavilion in all it's sparkly magnificence.
The Maruyama Park cherry blossom tree - which I would love to marry.
People eating under the cherry blossoms and lights at Maruyama Park.
Wouldn't you like to take a stroll down this lane in Gion (aka Geisha-ville).
Two gentlemen that won my heart.
Beautiful blossoms.

More to come....

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Carrie said...

Beautiful pics. So pretty, in fact, that I made my mom get up and come look at them. She thought they were lovely as well. Thanks for continuing to share your travels with us.