Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outdoor Ed.

Once a week my students have music lessons. Half of the class goes inside my boss' house for 45 minutes and I teach the other half outside...in this building (if you can call it that). The thing is ... I didn't really know the circumstances of this classroom and so I was unprepared for some of the issues with the lesson I had planned for.
This was right next door.
We made paper flowers which involved colouring in, cutting out, sticking and pipe cleaner manipulation. All relatively challenging when your fine motor skills aren't great but even more so when the wind blows everything away time and time again. Sigh. They looks great though.
And they worked well despite my minor panic attack every time a paper went flying into the next door rice paddy.

How's your classroom equipped?

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Unknown said...

I want a classroom next to a rice paddy....would be so much better than the asphalt out my window!! How are those lovely flowers made Miss Walsh I am sure the future children I teach would love to make those!!