Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ShabbyGeek Teases Me With American Food That I Can't Have

Yesterday you were presented with the uncomfortable footage of myself eating peanut butter. Today you get to see the lovely package packer introduce me to more American food that makes me salivate as well as talk about Suzanne Collins.

Enjoy...and now I present ShabbyGeek in all her luminous glory!

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Unknown said...

Oh isn't ShabbyGeek totally cute! She's as adorable as you are doing vlogs! What's her blog address?

SahbbyGeek - we have yoghurt-covered sultanas in Australia, but not that brand...I know from a multitude of American friends that you guys have A LOT MORE variety at your supermarkets, so more brands, more choice, that sort of thing. So we might only have one brand of yghurt guys probably have ten to choose from!