Monday, February 1, 2010

Snuggle Bunnies

It's amazing how quickly I have adapted to teaching youngins again. I haven't taught five year olds (mind you, mine are three and four) since 2004. I am impervious to snot and tears now, I figure that children spilling bodily fluids on you is their way of bonding. Argue if you will, but don't ruin this for me :)

We are allowed to hug the students. When a three year old is crying because they miss their mummy or someone stole their sword made out of blocks then sometimes only a hug does the trick.

I have found myself in this position most days.
You notice I never show pictures of the kid's faces, I am sure you understand. This little one is the baby of the class. He's a snuggle bunny and cuteness incarnate. He also happens to closely resemble the son of one of my lovely Adelaidean friends, if said child was a little older.

That being said, of late the hand has been raised in a stop motion (like a traffic cop) and 'STOP CRYING' said firmly. I have no problem with tears over missing mummy or being sick but if it's a toy, I have no patience.

I am a bitch.

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Anonymous said...

Toughen up princess is a great line to use! I'm kidding (kinda), but I'm the same when it comes to toys.