Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1

It’s been over twelve hours since my last post and I am currently waiting in the Narita Airport. The Boss is going to get here and then take me back to Shizuoka. All I want to do is sleep. The four hours on Sunday night plus my seven hours accumulated on the flight from Singapore = pitiful. I can’t get on the internet service so I am just typing away in a waiting room that would give the Royal Adelaide Hospital a run for its money.

Things I am getting used to:
  • Toilets that automatically flush. It scares me. I always think someone is in the cubicle with me.
  • The airport has this gritty 1970's aesthetic to it (it needs an overhaul now) so it's always surprising to note the awesome tap and hand dryer automation.
  • Bidets...I haven’t been game.
  • Everyone says sorry. Even if an Australian is wielding a wild baggage trolley, they will apologise to me for me accidentally blocking them in.
  • For the first time in my life, I am the cultural minority. I think everyone needs to do this at some point.
  • The hacking. Everyone seems to have colds and they loudly hack up phlegm as if it’s no deal. My skin crawls. Cultural difference or "interesting" co-passengers?
  • Airplane food. It’s yummy but there’s so much of it. I slept right through one of the meals last night, can’t say I am sorry.
  • Airplane entertainment. The first leg of the journey I was on my screen the entire time watching Lymelife (weird, character based movie with Alec Baldwin), Big Bang Theory episodes, the final performance in the Fame remake (not any of the other trashy scenes), and two episodes of this show called The Good Wife. It stars Juliana Margulies who was Carol Hathaway on ER as the wife of a politician who did the dirty on her and everyone else. It’s about her rebuilding her life and returning to work after fifteen years (and two teenagers) away from law. LOVED it. Was pissed off that they only had the first two episodes on offer...way to lead a girl on!

My eyes are beginning to burn but sleep really isn’t an option. Hoping The Boss arrives soon, gets an announcement put out over the intercom and we can keep travelling. Bed is sounding great, school tomorrow morning not so much. Hmmm sleep.

later that day....will be posted soon-ish complete with pictures

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jocelyn said...

Hey, I just wanted to say congrats on going to Japan :) I completely agree--everyone should spend some time being the minority, it does open your eyes!

But airplane food? Yummy? And lots of it? You've been on a way better airline than those I usually fly!

As for "everyone says sorry..." Americans may not do it as much as the Japanese, but I'm from the South and I doubt it'd surprise me as much as it does you :)