Monday, January 25, 2010

Tell Me This Wouldn't Have Freaked You Out...

As a teacher this is one of the things you never want to see on the floor of your classroom.


Rebecca Newman said...


Adele said...

Exactly! Mind you I took this from my full height so this was nearly six feet away. It's more hair than it looks.

Anonymous said...

You should not be surprised by what sneaky little children do....worry when it's a fingertip =)

Michelle Zink said...

LOL! This reminded me of a time when Kenneth was about four, Rebekah, two.

She came into the room, hands outstretched, and said, "Kenneth gave me a haircut."

Sure enough, upon closer inspection, her hands were full of fluffy, white-blond baby hair. When we went to inspect the scene of the crime, there was a little chair in the center of the room with a ring of blond hair all around it.

Ya gotta the boy props for trying to be professional.

Rebekah had a one-inch clump of hair the top of her head for months. It even stuck up through ponytails!