Thursday, January 14, 2010

My school

I won't lie. I am utterly and completely exhausted. I've also seemed to have caught a cold at some point. The weekend is looking very nice. Perhaps one where I spend a lot of time in my futon bed. Japan will have to wait as Adele's back is screwed (thanks to planes and cold weather).

Additional note...I wimped out and bought gloves. It was too cold and I like to feel that my hands are attached to my body.

I made my first meal in the kitchen here. Burnt myself. The very exciting eggs on bread (there's no grill or toaster). It was okay but still not sure they were chicken eggs, the yolks were full on orange. The Cheetos fixation is well and truly hitting me hard, my mother (a diehard Twisties fanatic) would be in love.

Toilet is finally fixed and I no longer have to hold until I get to school. It was nice to be able to pee in the comfort of my own place...don't ask me how I managed, I still don't know.

Now onto my school...

The view from my classroom. Big lush, green mountains that rise out of nowhere. You can also see the school's playground to the right. Unfortunately you can't see the snow crystals falling but that's what captured this little piggytailed lovely's interest.
The school. It has three classrooms catering to four year olds to six year olds. Each class has roughly fifteen students. At night and after school, language classes take place on premise - three nights of which I teach English to other kids.
Just to the left of the picture above. These are the lovely mountains I was telling you about.


It's too hard to explain. Lunches are provided to the kids through an outside provider...insanely good, sweet smelling lovely lunches. The kids have these little cutlery sets (fork, spoon and chopsticks) as well as a place mat, cup and thermos. It's insane, I didn't even eat this well at boarding school. And no, we don't get to partake.

Here's a glimpse...



Anonymous said...

Is lunch delivered everyday? Thursday's lunch looks like it's one a parent made. I told you they were amazing =) Makes my lunch today look pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Oh Adele, it's just stunning where you are! And those lunches are adorable. (What do you do for lunch?)
It looks like a great experience about to unfold. Very exciting.

Adele said...

Sadly I have eaten chocolate bread today and a doughnut thingy yesterday. I hadn't cooked before tonight so there were no left overs.

I saw a little container like the things the kids have in a store so I might buy one.

I have been eating dinner from the supermarket. They have these things called bento boxes which contain all sorts of interesting things. Tonight I have some weird holey fried chippy things (I suspect it was a vegetable at one point but it tasted like lemon pepper yum) plus Cheetos (I know, it's a fixation that is becoming scary). I am sick and I just wanted to make myself feel better with food so chips plus chocolate plus choc chip cookies = probably not getting better anytime soon.

Last night I had this cool noodle concoction (I just moved around the bits of horseradish eww) and asparagus. I am trying new things but I am not THAT adventurous. I prefer to know what I am eating.

Samantha LeAnne said...

Those little lunch things are adorable! Sorry your sick, it's no fun. But it seems to be common when people spend a lot of time on a plane. Hope you feel better soon! toaster?!? That's scary!
And...not chicken eggs? Even scarier!

Good luck!
I'm sure things will get easier once you get used to everything and I still find you doing this to be incredibly brave :)

Michelle said...

It looks gorgeous there! Good call on the gloves - you're not a chicken - I sometimes wore two pairs.

The mirror... hilarious.. I have a theory but it's far too sensible and will wait for your creative suggestions.

Khy said...

It looks so lovely! Even the lunches look so cute. xD

Matt Leslie said...

Wow - I remember those eggs! - Fluro white shell too! - I remember thinking -'Are these really from a chicken?'

Being Vego over there was really hard to get across they seem to not count seafood as meat. I ate many different things in some back alley in Tokyo - I'm sure I wasn't vego while there! (Even though I was trying!)

Find a Ononomiyaki (Spelling???) Its a chain/type restaurant in the city (might be there), you make your own savory pancake things. Beautiful and you can usually tell eveything that goes into it.

I guess you haven't been there long - but don't you find it weird that sushi is actually hard to come by!!!! LOL Its more a home food rather than take out like here!

Hope you get over your flu soon.


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