Saturday, January 9, 2010


All week I have been getting ready for my trip for Japan. I was pretty much ready to go on Monday but it's been more about saying goodbye. Whether contacting friends to have dinner, arranging a time that suits family members or just allowing myself to get excited, it's all been toward one goal.

It doesn't feel real yet. I am not feeling all that excited. It doesn't even feel like that big of a change. I know that that will alter once I step onto (perhaps off of) the plane but it felt a little more real when my little sister gave me this going away present.

Aren't they fabulous? Australian flag thongs, so I can step all over my country while on foreign soil :)

Tonight I spent time with a handful of friends that were able to catch up last minute. My sister asked me 'do you feel sad?' as I hugged the last one and the honest answer is no. Perhaps that makes me unsentimental, unfeeling or cold but it's still not sinking in that I won't see these people for another year. I am the one that snorts skeptically when people sob as fellow contestants leave reality shows. They haven't died. They've just changed locations. I am happy for me, they are happy for me so tears don't feel right in my mind. It's a beginning, not an end.

Skype was a word mentioned many times over the evening. It will be getting a lot of business from friends and family. I wish I had a better sign on name...

Two more sleeps. Wow.

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