Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2: Vlog and Gallery

This is upon arrival in Shizuoka by train. The quietest, cleanest train ever. Also the crappiest day compared to the 42 degree (108 F) I left in Adelaide.
The view of my street as I walked home from the supermarket a nervous wreck brandishing only Pringles and what I thought were rolls...they weren't. This was at 5.20pm. Luckily my second expedition to the supermarket went better as described in the vlog. I now have more healthy fare + Cheetos! (Also ...Mum its perfectly safe and I felt very's 200m max!*)
The lighted up, LSD trip isn't a casino. It's the chemist that doesn't seem to fit in the sleepy town atmosphere of Shizuoka. I talk about it in the vlog. It's name? Wunderland.
The view from my poor-excuse-for-a-driveway. Awesomely makes up for the horrid exterior of my abode. This was at 8.50am this morning. How's that for a wake up call? The mountains here are breathtaking and they surround our jam packed hamlet.
Hungry? Thirsty? Need of a ciggie? Have no fear, just head to your nearest intersection. And this wasn't a main intersection either.
The Boss lead us down the wrong platform for our train from Tokyo to Shizuoka, can you blame her?

Apologies for the double chin but the laptop was on my lap hence the flattering low angle view!

Day 2 from Persnickety on Vimeo.

*Mum I will be shocked if you read this. Comment if you have!


Matt Leslie said...

Hey Mate - amazed at how much info you have up here already! I reckon I would be in shock for the first 48 hours and then need a week to adjust! - can't wait to check back in, (considering making this my homepage!) Take care - Matt

Matt Leslie said...

also - must get off dial up so I can watch your Vlogs!

Unknown said...

Hi Del,
Great to see all your pics. I'll get Mum on soon so she can check it out too.

Samantha LeAnne said...

I love the Vlogs and all the pictures and stuff! You are so much braver than I am, I would be in such a shock if I was to do what you are. Can't wait to see your progress! Are you learning any Japanese?

brizmus said...

Okay, so I am SO bringing Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, and at least a week's worth of food when I go to Japan. Being a vegan, I think it would be SUPER impossible for me to go through what you went through trying to find that stuff.
I'm so glad I'll have your vlogs and blogs to look at to prepare me!
It sounds like you're doing awesomely, though! At least you don't have jet lag to deal with!
I'll also have to remember to bring my alarm clock.
Anyhow, I look forward to seeing lots more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I miss my quiet little town! All those things that are to find in Kita will probably be easier to find on a city trip. I found some nice shampoo & conditioner...look for a bottle, same design, different colour ;) Perfume in that store is great too! =)

Anonymous said...

*hard to find....Sorry